Confectionery that makes you smileConfectionery that makes you smile

So contented that you can’t help but smile.
Have you ever felt that way when eating sweets?
Since our company’s establishment,
we at Koeido have brought smiles to our customers through our sweets.

We are a company that stays with our customers through good times and bad.
That makes them feel so contented, they can’t help but smile.

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KOEIDO Confectionary

Ishikawa Local Confectionary

We develop original products by using great local foods.

Local confectionary throughout Japan

We propose new products to wholesalers around Japan and develop products by meeting client's requests.

From Western confectionary to Japanese confectionery


High Quality, Safety,
and Reliability

A strict quality inspection is performed under a centralized sanition system. This management system is consistent throughout the entire assembly line, from production to packaging, ensuring that a safe product is delivered to you.

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As a “confectionary creations company” we spread delicious moments of joy.

We want to make confectionaries with our regional ingredients/foods.
We want to make confectionaries that have a long lasting taste and sell them all over the country/Japan.
Koeido's true strength,potential and value is the ability to take each and every customers ideas and dreams then make that into reality.

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